Evictions by Landlord

I help landlords evict their problem tenants for both commercial and residential evictions in Essex County, Morris County, Hudson County, Union County, Bergen County and Passaic, Sussex County and Warren County.

Evictions Lawyer Essex & Morris County and New Jersey

Do You Need to Evict Your Essex County or Morris County Tenant?

Most landlords will eventually be confronted with the eviction process and the need to hire a landlord tenant lawyer when they have to evict a tenant, either for non-payment of rent, for other violations of the rental agreement, or because the tenant is holding over past the expiration of his or her tenancy. Whether your tenants have stopped paying rent, or you just want them to move out, New Jersey Landlord-Tenant lawyer Marc P. Feldman can help you.

The stress of feeling taken advantage of, and the confusion of trying to navigate the legal process on your own can take its toll. You need a team on your side that moves fast to alleviate your “problem”, and you need a team who can appear in court on your behalf to seek justice.

New Jersey Landlord-Tenant lawyer Marc P. Feldman has years of experience of fighting in court,  The Firm stays advised of the latest case law, and is a zealous advocate for its clients. In most cases, I begin procedures to evict your tenant the same day we I am retained, as immediate action is my priority. Let me show you why I am the firm for you. Don’t worry if it’s after-hours. I am available. Go ahead, give me a call.

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